Join us for our 15th Anniversary!!!
September 15th to 17th, 2015

Just $175 to attend the 2015 Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference! We are happy to announce that the 15th Annual Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference will once again be held at the Salem Convention Center and The Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon. Check back here for updates, or SIGN UP to receive occasional (1-3) email updates from our Admin under the Contact Us page.



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Program Schedule
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Conference Sessions

Accounting Aid for Fraud Victims

This presentation covers the new Oregon non-profit started by Bill Douglas in 2014 to assist law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of financial exploitation cases. Bill will discuss the mission of the nonprofit, who will benefit from it, and what you can do to help. There may also be an officer or DDA who has worked with AAFFV to discuss how it works in practice.

Legal and Legislative Updates

Our annual and ever popular closing update on the latest Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court rulings that impact financial and digital investigations. This session will also include an update on relevant bills and laws from the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session.

Overview: Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Lab

This session will provide attendees with an overview of the Northwest RCFL, including digital evidence services, local agency participation, and training available to law enforcement.

Ethics for Financial and Digital Investigations and Prosecutions

The ethical rules associated with social media and electronic communications are varied and always somewhat controversial. Recent opinions indicate that content lawyers and their non-lawyer assistants disclose on social media and other electronic communications can result in ethics violations. This discussion will highlight the recent ethics opinions on social media and electronic communications by lawyers/investigators and expose the enforcement challenges and its successes.

Bitcoin in Action: Investigating and Prosecuting the Silk Road Case

Overview of a federal prosecution in the District of Oregon from 2013-2015, involving the use of the Dark Web website Silk Road to sell 17.6 pounds of methamphetamine for approximately $607 million worth of Bitcoin. This presentation will cover: (1) the basics of Bitcoin, (2) the crafting and execution of a seizure warrant to seize Bitcoin, (3) mechanics of how law enforcement liquidated the seized Bitcoin/converted it into dollars, (4) how law enforcement forfeited the Bitcoin, (5) methods the primary defendant used to liquidate approximately $607 million worth of Bitcoin proceeds, and (6) how the defendant set up a Bitcoin currency exchange on the Dark Web.

Speaker Lineup
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Jennifer Burnett

FBI Supervisory Special Agent

Jennifer Burnett is a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI who currently serves as the Director for the Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in Portland, Oregon.

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Kurt L. Charlton

Litigation Financial Analyst, Forfeiture Support Associates, LLC, US Attorney’s Office, District of Oregon

Kurt Charlton served as a Special Agent with IRS – Criminal Investigation (CI) for 25 years.

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Beaverton Badge
Mike Hanada

Detective & Computer Forensic Examiner, Beaverton Police Department & NWRCFL

Michael Hanada was born in Portland and worked as a website developer while attending Lewis & Clark College.

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Katie Lorenz

Assistant United States Attorney and Asset Recovery & Money Laundering Division Chief

Katie Lorenz is an Assistant United States Attorney and serves as the Chief of the Asset Recovery & Money Laundering Division at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Portland.

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AnneMarie Sgarlata

Assistant United States Attorney

AnneMarie Sgarlata has been an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Oregon since 2007.

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