September 9-11, 2014
Just $175 to attend the 2014 Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference!

We are happy to announce that the 14th Annual Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference will once again be held at the Salem Convention Center and The Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon. Check back here for updates, or SIGN UP to receive occasional (1-3) email updates from our Admin under the Contact Us page.


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Conference Sessions

Surveillance, Wigs, Identity Fraud & Tattoos: The SWIFT Network at Work

A case study of how SWIFT (South Willamette Investigative Fraud Team) members in retail, banking, and law enforcement shared information that assisted in recognizing fraud, identifying multiple suspects who concealed their identities, and the significant sentences that were achieved. This session will 1) highlight the importance of networking to solve financial crimes, particularly over multi-jurisdictions, 2) show examples of how everyone can have a significant piece of the puzzle to contribute to the case, 3) point out some of the difficulties that come from sharing and re-sharing information when developing a criminal case and preparing for prosecution, and 4) share how technology from cell phones to club cards can assist in locating suspects. View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Counterfeit Credit Cards in the Northwest

During the last few years there has been an increase of counterfeit credit card cases in the NW. This will be a case study emphasizing the collaborative efforts between LE, merchants, financial intuitions. We will provide an overview of counterfeit credit cards, how to take a proactive approach to this type of crime, and share a recent investigation. View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Case Study: Mortgage Fraud and Desert Sun Cases

This session will include an overview of the Desert Sun cases, including mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering charges, coconspirators, etc. Presenters will discuss investigation and prosecution best practices and lessons learned. Presenters will discuss missteps in the investigation and prosecution of the cases and how to improve investigations and prosecutions of similar future cases. The real estate market is once again starting to take off. Will we see another round of mortgage fraud and, if so, will we be ready? View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

View the FULL AGENDA Here

Our agenda is almost finalized.  To provide you as detailed information as possible, view a draft of the 2014 FULL AGENDA HERE – and sign up for our contact list to know when it is updated HERE!

Trends and Resources: Consumer and Charitable Fraud Schemes

Assistant Attorney General Simon Whang will provide a primer on Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act, and the Department of Justice’s functions in protecting Oregon consumers. We will discuss how the law works, common consumer protection issues, DOJ’s outreach, education, and enforcement efforts, and the Charitable Activities section. This session will help fraud practitioners use the UTPA to best advantage, but also inform consumers of goods and services (i.e., everyone) of their rights and how to be a safer, smarter consumer. View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Speaker Lineup
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Helen Cooper

Special AUSA

Helen Cooper is a Special Assistant United States Attorney based in the Portland U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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Jason Buelt

Detective, Beaverton Police Department

Jason Buelt is a Detective, assigned to the Beaverton Police Department Criminal Investigations Division in the Pro Active Section.

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Chris Keast
Chris Keast

Investigator, Trust & Safety

Chris is an investigator on the Trust & Safety team at Google.

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Kellie Johnson
Kellie Johnson

Assistant Disciplinary Counsel

Kellie Johnson has served as an Assistant Disciplinary Counsel with the Oregon State Bar since 2010.

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Doug Prince - profile photo
Doug Prince

Deputy District Attorney, Marion County District Attorney’s Office

Doug Prince is a Deputy District Attorney at the Marion County DA’s Office.

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