September 9-11, 2014
Just $175 to attend the 2014 Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference!

We are happy to announce that the 14th Annual Financial Crimes & Digital Evidence Conference will once again be held at the Salem Convention Center and The Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon. Check back here for updates, or SIGN UP to receive occasional (1-3) email updates from our Admin under the Contact Us page.


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Program Schedule
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Conference Sessions

Case Study: Mortgage Fraud and Desert Sun Cases

This session will include an overview of the Desert Sun cases, including mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering charges, coconspirators, etc. Presenters will discuss investigation and prosecution best practices and lessons learned. Presenters will discuss missteps in the investigation and prosecution of the cases and how to improve investigations and prosecutions of similar future cases. The real estate market is once again starting to take off. Will we see another round of mortgage fraud and, if so, will we be ready? View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Google Trust & Safety Update

Google’s Trust & Safety team protects Google and our users by investigating product-related fraud and other malicious behavior on Google products and services. In this talk we will discuss financial fraud and other trends, including case studies from recent investigations. We will also discuss how to report malicious behavior to Google.

Social Media Investigations: Emerging Trends, Challenges and Best Practices

Eli Rosenblatt, of Core Service LLC, will walk attendees through an immersive study of social media sites, the challenges that come with conducting investigations involving social media, and offer attendees a look at the best practices for social media investigations. View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Social Security and Social Services Fraud

SSA OIG and SSA Office of the General Counsel will present examples of our investigations and prosecutions that include the theft of Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP, and other federal and state benefits. The session will educate the group about the red-flags to be aware of when the theft of social service benefits may be occurring, where to find evidence of the fraud, as well as who to contact within different agencies if fraud is suspected. View the FULL AGENDA HERE.

Legal and Legislative Updates

Speaker Lineup
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Jonathan Fairtlough

Managing Director, Kroll

Jonathan Fairtlough is a Managing Director with Kroll’s Cyber Investigations Practice based in Los Angeles.

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Michael Korcek

Detective, Salem Police Department

Michael Korcek is a Detective, assigned to the Salem Police Department Criminal Investigations Section.

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Chris Keast
Chris Keast

Investigator, Trust & Safety

Chris is an investigator on the Trust & Safety team at Google.

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Rebecca Fetters

Quality Assurance and Prevention Coordinator, Office of Adult Abuse Prevention & Investigations

Rebecca Fetters works as the Quality Assurance and Prevention Coordinator for the Office of Adult Abuse Prevention & Investigations.

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Eli Rosenblatt
Eli Rosenblatt

Certified Fraud Examiner, Investigator

Eli Rosenblatt is an investigator and digital forensics specialist in Portland, Oregon.

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